A TDC staff member will role-play as someone who holds another worldview or viewpoint in your youth group/class/Bible study. This training challenges students to think deeper about what and why they believe, helps motivate them to prepare for the challenges that await, and is a great way to show students (rather than simply “tell”) their need for training/preparation. It is an excellent way to kick off further sessions in apologetics/philosophy/evangelism. This is a very memorable and vivid lesson for students.  The teaching during the role play will definitely “stick” with your students!



    • Why trust the Bible?

    • Logic and Critical Thinking

    • Evaluating post modernism and Critical Theories

    • Conversational Evangelism

    • Handling media in the digital age

    • Evaluating other worldviews from a Christian perspective



     Weekend style bootcamp courses aimed mostly at high school students and their parents. 

    We have a wide array of courses on a diverse spread of domains: research methods, logic, basic worldviews, philosophy, current hot button topics, the consequences of ideas, and apologetics.

    The structure and topics can be customized for the group. These courses are available in person and live online.

REPLAYS coming soon

Gain access to some of our recent role plays and sample sessions of our bootcamp. 

Parents and Child

 Why should you, as a parent, invest in this training?

Because the operative word is “when,” not “if.”  Parents don’t have to wonder “if” their student will be challenged.  Their trust in the Lord will be challenged, especially given our current secular culture.


Why the focus on logic/ worldview/ philosophy?

 Logic, worldview, and philosophy are factors in the overwhelming majority of challenges that your young adult will face, or at least they are directly connected in some way to these challenges.

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