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Why The "Daniel Collaborative" Name?


Our goal is to help parents and those in the Church prepare young adults to stand firm in Truth. We seek to both work directly with those young adults and to team up with--collaborate with--the adults in their lives to form young men and women who:


  • Are intellectually resilient

  • Possess mental fortitude

  • Love truth and stand firm in it

  • Possess ordered and clear habits of thought

  • Possess a deeper understanding of the world, themselves, and the people around them.


The prophet Daniel is a stellar concrete example of these character virtues.  


He had courage: he was able to stand firm.


He had wisdom: he knew how to stand firm.


He had knowledge: he knew what he was standing on and standing for.


Daniel possessed resilience and resolve in abundance and was therefore able to grasp the moment, displaying a stout backbone while standing firm in Truth. He did not blink when opposition and threats came his way, as they often did. He was therefore able to glorify God no matter the external circumstances.


Having more Daniels in the Church is good. 


Hence our name.

For more information or to bring us to your church, school, or group, email us at, or fill out our contact form for a consultation.

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