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The first step in preparing to stand firm in Truth is to wake up.

Christian students often are unaware of their need. They don’t know what they don’t know.  Therefore, when it comes to training in things like evangelism, worldview, and apologetics, they fail to take such things seriously.

Motivating in large numbers is always tricky.  We can “tell them” about why those things are important all day long, pointing to Bible verses and explaining the importance.  Such approaches can motivate a few, but usually leave the majority unchanged.  Why not “show them” instead?  As the age old adage goes, showing is more effective than telling.

Enter the role play.

The role play training is one part of a larger ensemble of trainings that The Daniel Collaborative offers that serves as a tool to assist you in preparing your young student to stand firm in Truth.

In the role play training, a TDC staff member will engage your group in conversation, role playing as someone from another worldview.  The TDC staff member will represent the alternative worldview in a fair manner, so that your group gets practice in conversing in a safe, low stakes environment.  This will be a very vivid way for your group to see the importance and need of training in evangelism, worldview, and apologetics.

The role play is not designed as a stand-alone deal.  It is the first step….the step that “wakes them up” and motivates.  Further trainings on a host of topics, provided by TDC staff members or by your own staff at school/church, should follow the role play.


Click on the videos above--one from a role play with Providence Students, the other with Stonebriar Students--to see a sample of recent role plays conducted by The Daniel Collaborative.

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