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The Daniel Collaborative Perspective

*Public school teacher since 2006

*I teach English, but I also teach Philosophy…In a public school

*I have B.As in English and Philosophy from The Ohio State University

*I have an M.A in Philosophy from Biola University.
*My family homeschools our two daughters.


In my philosophy class we dig into fundamental questions and controversial issues, so multiple times a week I get into extended and deep conversations on the timeless and the current with students from a wide array of backgrounds. That sort of thing is a regular occurrence in my room. These conversations, combined with my academic training and role as a parent, have helped me think through this moment.


I am in multiple “trenches” at once: in the Church, in the secular arena working close with youth, and in the home as a parent myself.

I’d love the opportunity to share what I’ve learned along the way and to work together with you to pass the baton onto the next generation.  


The preparation we offer brings all my education and classroom experience together in interactive training that moves young adults from passive listeners to active learners.

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