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Top 7 Podcasts


When it comes to preparing yourself to stand in Truth so that you can prepare your kids to do the same, podcasts are a great resource.

If you use the down time already present during the day, you can get in a lot of content, especially if you speed up the trac to 1.25 or 1.5.

The drive to and from work, doing housecleaning, showering, walking/running/working out--all that and more can be used to listen to audio content.

Here are 7 great podcast resources that will help you sharpen your intellect to love your God with all your mind:


1) Stand to Reason
Twice per week, Greg Koukl releases an hour long episode where he comments on current events and ideas from a Christian perspective, interviews notable thinkers in the Church, and takes questions from callers about ethics, values, and religion.

2) STR Ask
This 20 minute podcast is an offshoot of Stand to Reason’s flagship podcast. These episodes are shorter than the main podcast, and feature hosts Greg Koukl and Amy Hall answering questions from Twitter, each in 4 minutes or less

3) Unbelievable
This show, from Britain, is highly interesting and valuable because it features debate on issues of substance. Host Justin Brierly doesn’t just have the top voices pro and con on the standard questions like “does God exist?” and “can we trust the Bible?” but on other current event questions too, like “should conversion therapy be banned?” and “Christianity and Deconstruction.” This show is great because you get to hear the best voices from both sides of an issue.


4) The Aaron Renn Show
Aaron Renn’s show is extraordinary because he is solidly conservative and Christian, yet he does not pull punches in criticizing his own team. He consistently makes points that very few others are making, and even when you end up disagreeing (I do at times), his arguments always make you think and push you deeper.


5) The Alisa Childers Podcast
Alisa Childers focuses on countering progressive Christianity, the current drive to deconstruct everything, and new age spirituality creeping into the Church. Progressive Christianity and new age spirituality can be real sneaky, dressing itself up in the language of orthodoxy, but Alisa is skilled at sniffing it all out.


6) Think Biblically
Think Biblically is hosted by two top thinkers--Sean McDowell and Scott Rae, both of whom are Biola University professors. I actually had Dr. Rae as a professor in my MA Phil program and can attest to his sharp mind.  Sean possesses a sharp intellect too. You should check out his youtube interviews!  Topics covered are always timely and interesting.


7) Impact 360:
Impact 360 focuses on issues specific to Gen Z, and will help you understand this current generation at a deeper level.

So subscribe and give a listen!  All of these podcasts lack the clickbait and rage-monkey content of so much else out there (including podcasts that are popular in Republican/Conservative/Christian circles--content that might get you riled up about the latest controversy but won’t provide much substance otherwise. All of the above features thoughtful, substantive commentary and analysis that will sharpen your mind and help you be someone who “understands the times and knows what to do.” (1 Chronicles 12:32)

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