"Thank you for speaking to us at our group!  Our unpolished responses served as a good wake up call and highlighted areas where we can all grow.  I personally learned a lot from the session, and it has already spearheaded many conversations with those in attendance.  I have been looking for resources exactly like the ones you gave us for a long time.  I cannot begin to tell you what an impact you've had on my walk with Christ thus far."

Naomi - Senior, Plano public high school student

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Gale Carter

DOLLS Founder & Executive Director

As a ministry founded and led by professional educators, we at DOLLS recognize that comprehension and retention are most readily achieved for our learners when they are in a position of necessity. That’s the beauty of The Daniel Collaborative’s approach. Through the use of role play, Rich Bordner draws the students to a place of curiosity and question that leaves them demanding answers. His strategy is ripe for taking an audience that may begin as passive listeners to a place of active learning where their intellectual capacity is first challenged and then satisfied. Your students will leave bolstered in their faith in the God of the Bible and empowered to defend their Christian worldview.

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Toby Oaks

Theology 2 Teacher & Dean of Schools Coram Deo Academy

“This is my eighth year of teaching 12th grade  Apologetics at our school and from early on at various times we had utilized “dialogue” as a tool to try to help prepare our graduates for the university and beyond.  However, I found when we invited Rich Bordner to our class recently he was able in a short time to help bring things together for our students in a way like none other that I have seen in my years teaching this course.  His realistic enactment and subsequent debrief motivated our students and I believe will even help them more effectively apply  the concepts we have been teaching them over this last year.”

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Arch Mcintosh

Director of Young Adults Ministry & Local Missions

Providence Church

"The atheist role play definitely shook up some dust in our young adult ministry at Providence Church. After Rich concluded the evening, many of our young men and women shared that the experience was “just what they needed” to wake up from their apathy and spiritual slumber. This interactive experience not only spurs on believers to be prepared to give a reason for the hope within them; it gives them greater confidence in the confession of their hope. Rich has a unique passion and gift here, and I highly recommend that bring him in to assist you in equipping the saints for the work of ministry."

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Nathan Kocurek

High School Pastor

Stonebriar Community Church

“Rich Bordner did a great job challenging our students to think about the life of the mind, and not simply to settle for easy answers to difficult questions.  Many of them, for the first time, had to be ready to give an answer for the hope they have in Christ.  A great change of pace for their usual youth group routine.”

“Many students have assumed wrongly that Christians cannot be intellectual and be people of faith, but Rich Bordner demonstrates that both are possible.  With straight talk and heartfelt honesty, Rich challenges students to consider some difficult questions.  I’m thankful for the time he has spent with our students at Stonebriar.”


“He’s real.  He makes students uncomfortable, in a good way.”

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