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Understanding The Times

Everyday Christians who desire to live faithfully have always faced challenges to that where they live, move, and have their being. While there is truly nothing new under the sun when it comes to the Church’s history with the world, our commission is the same now as it has always been, and the gospel and mission are evergreen, there are *some* aspects of culture now that are unique and call for hard thinking.


Love means developing practical guidance; this is what many yearn for. In the last several years these challenges have taken on an intensity and zeitgeist that might be new to many individual believers: mandated workplace trainings that compel assent to false and harmful ideas; parents surprised at their kids’ sudden passionate adoption of anti-biblical ideologies that they learned at school; intense peer pressure to celebrate the latest idolatry. 

This class is a space where contemporary issues can be addressed.

Many wonder: how can I faithfully represent at work? How should I wisely disciple my children through the morass?  Should I go along to get along? Many do not know what to think or say and are caught on their heels.

These are very real situations and so many have very real questions.


This is a 6 week class focusing on current flash points in the culture. It is highly interactive and discussion-based, thinking through each issue with a tactical, socratic approach. Topics vary depending on location, and will be a selection from the following list:

*Gender Ideology
*Screen Technology
*Race and Social Justice Ideology
*Science and Christianity

For more information, click on the video above.

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