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Resources On Inclusivism And Scientism

Philosopher J.P Moreland takes on Scientism in some of the resources posted below.

Recently, I gave a message about religious pluralism at the DOLLS (Daughters Of Our Living Lord And Savior) fall conference. An issue that is related to religious pluralism--an issue that I didn't have time to delve into deeply--is inclusivism. Inclusivism holds that there is one way to God--through Jesus--but one need not actually believe in Jesus to be rescued by his death on the cross. Here are some resources from other adept

authors and thinkers to help you work through that view and form a biblical response to it:

Faith Come By Hearing: A Response To Inclusivism--Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson, eds

No Other Name: Part I, Part II, Part III -- Greg Koukl

Is God Really Fair? --Trevin Wax

Secondly, I addressed Scientism in the talk. Scientism is the view that science is the only--or in some cases the vastly superior--way to knowledge. It connects to religious pluralism in that it generates and animates pluralism. If the only way to knowledge is through science, that relegates religion and morality to the JV bench of knowledge. That is, scientism flattens all religious claims and turns them into choices of ice cream flavors. A full answer to religious pluralism requires addressing Scientism.

Here are some additional outside resources from philosopher J.P Moreland et al to help you think through Scientism: Scientism And Secularism -- J.P Moreland

Kingdom Triangle -- J.P Moreland

Philosophical Foundations For A Christian Worldview -- J.P Moreland and William Lane Craig

Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult -- Gary Deweese and J.P Moreland

What Is Scientism? -- J.P Moreland

Five Myths About Science -- J.P Moreland

Contesting Scientism -- J.P Moreland

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