Here are some of our latest roleplay trainings and teachings.

DOLLS Conference on Relativism

Rich Bordner presented this breakout session teaching on relativism and expressive individualism at the DOLLS (Daughters of our Living Lord and Savior) Think Again Conference, March 6, 2021.  Includes both a description and evaluation of each ideology.

ROLEPLAY - Stonebriar Student Ministry

Rich Bordner delivered a role play training to the Stonebriar Student Ministry.

Colossians 2:8 - Teaching @ Stonebriar Student Ministry

What does Paul mean when he tells us to "not be taken captive by hollow and deceptive philosophy?"  Rich sheds insight on Colossians 2:8 by sharing his life story, and then giving a short evaluation of one very popular modern-day ideology.


Includes a 10 minute role play.

Cottonwood Creek young adult roleplay

A role play for Cottonwood Creak young adults.