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Diversity Students

Preparing young adults to stand firm in truth.

Challenges in the world abound, not just when it comes to daily living, but spiritually, morally, and intellectually too.  Once your student(s) leave your home, will they be ready to stand firm? 

Buy in: motivation for preparation

Motivating in large numbers is always tricky.  We can “tell them” about why knowing what and why they believe is important all day long, pointing to Bible verses and explaining the importance.  Such approaches can motivate a few, but usually leave the majority unchanged.  Why not “show them” instead?  As the age old adage goes, showing is more effective than telling.

Enter the role play...

Click on the video to see a sample of recent role plays conducted by The Daniel Collaborative.

Want to book us for a role play or a class? Reach out to us for rates and availability.

Parents and Child

 Why should you, as a parent, invest in this training?

Because the operative word is “when,” not “if.”  Parents don’t have to wonder “if” their student will be challenged.  Their trust in the Lord will be challenged, especially given our current secular culture.


Why the focus on logic/ worldview/ philosophy?

 Logic, worldview, and philosophy are factors in the overwhelming majority of challenges that your young adult will face, or at least they are directly connected in some way to these challenges.

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